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Post by Reva on Thu Jul 14, 2011 5:09 pm

It’d been total war for over thirty years. Nativity had been fighting since the was thirteen, six years before her father pulled her out. She had all the scars to prove it. Her father ((needed)) , now afraid he’d loose the only heir to his throne, hid her away in the castle fortress.
Making her dress in a long sleeved, floor length turtle necked dresses that hugged her like a second skin. Then, the worst part, a face covering. She was proud of her battle scars, and didn’t want to hide them. A hood was folded around her hair like a Muslim covering. Then, her face covered everything but her eyes, her dark grey eyes. Ringed in black. Her eye color and her dark blood red hair.
Then, the utmost worst idea was presented to her father by his court, marriage. An arranged marriage of a man he chose. Marry her off and he wouldn’t have to deal with her violent sometime deadly mood swings. Find her something else to worry about. Huge groups of men were flown in, any kind, 19 or older. He happened to look 21 but, was unknowingly to the father and King, that he was a vampire.
The King takes him into live as a watcher, have her get used to him first. He got a look at her face and body one night in the courtyard as she was standing under her balcony. A scar wrapped from her right temple up and down to her chin. it was a pale pink line about two inches wide. He watched her undress, sick he knew her read hair spilling from the cover down her back to her waist.
She pulled on the most normal pajamas, a thin strapy tank top and a pair of gym shorts that reached her knees. Her body was covered in scars, battle scars he knew from hearing her past. Can he tell her, he may lover her and is vampire….let alone that he is the ruler of the other side?

This is the story
Of how a battered girl
A different kind of king
Can find love
In each others enemies
Can he give up everything
He has ever known
To keep the one he secretly loves



Nativity yawned, shifting sides in her bed so that the sun didn’t keep her up again. It wsa Sunday, her only day to rest before training, then school and then more training. 4am that morning to 1am that night each day but this day. She yawned again and pulled the blanket up further even though she wasn’t cold. Her room was her safe haven, not even her mother when she was alive was allowed in.
She opened her eyes 1230, she stretched her arms and sat up, looking around she got up and went out to the balcony. She should still be asleep, the day was her night. She looked overt the lawn, yawned, and went back to bed only to wake up nine and a half hours later.
She showered and dress, blowdriying her hair she put on her dress then cover-ups and left the room. She didn’t go outside, like she wanted, her went to the dinning hall, her barefeet scilent as she walked to lunch, her breakfast.


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