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Post by Reva on Thu Jul 14, 2011 5:35 pm

When death came he took a mate from Earth.
She was sitting at a table in a white walled room by her self. She told him, because of a sadistic pervert in the rank of an administrator disliked her views..
He was never caught for his crimes with minors.
Hem, once dad and went to Hell, and was now under the hand of her and her husband. Thy man begged for mercy, for forgiveness on her newly cold heart. On his knees, hands folded at their feet.
He, the Lord, handed her his blade and his decision.
Her answer?
“Thank you my lord and love for the blade,” she tuned to the man before her. “Y You are the filth that the Death Blade was made for. I will lash every part of your skin.. You will be conscious as you bleed and die in pain.” She motioned over her guards and they began. As she was standing and her Lord rook her upon him in his arms.
“My dear, that was perfect,” they kissed, “And for that your husband will bed you down and love you until morning.” He slowly unzipped her gown a he walked her back to his chamber.
The door shut and locked and the Lady and Lord crying out in pleasure as Hnoj’s cries of pain, agony and kill me echoed around them.
She and him watched the next morning as he was skinned alive. “This is what happens then you piss off the Queen.” Lord told the bloody, coherent mangled man. “Your soul will be done away with when we decide to end you.”
She mearly smiled at him as the skinning continued. The guards were made to re-skin him after it'd been scraped and had taken organ by organ out until there was no more inside him.
She took a hold of the a knife and cut what made him a man to the floor, “You no longer are a man,” she smiled sickly, “you are now a used-to-be man, skinless, organ-less, coherent, breathing and thinking bloody shell. Your mangled soul will be burned in the Fire Of End with out your other half.”
Arms wrapped around her waist and the Lord pulled her back to him, “My room awaits,” she smiled back at him, her head rested back on his shoulder.
The smile lit up his hardened features. The only time he smiled and was happy was around her. “That, Lordess,” his nickname for her, “sounds perfect as long as I am included.” He kissed her nose as his fingers warmed her skin.
“Always. That is why I am here.”
He nodded, “I choose you from the crowd because you needed love and praise. Not hate and punishment. That fat, ugly, unconvicted molester got to you that day you were 14. You have remained with me the age of looking twenty two while he was aging from forty two to ninety eight. He shall never do that again and those children you have seen will be released from his souls touch.
She nodded, “I know.”
He kissed her softly, I love you. I will tell you everyday from now until we choose a new ruler.”
“A son to you to be raised here.” She knew.
“Yes, then we will live the rest in your world, aging and dying together.”
She smiled, “Perfect my Lord.”


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