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Post by Reva on Thu Jul 14, 2011 5:12 pm

shes only ninteen Lost in the world of her parents just dying, she's lost and uncard for in teh world. she is the only one left of her family...nd her twin brother is the only one ot pass on the name. some jack ass hit them, and now, well, we have fangs. we crave blood.

Hes lost to the world. his twin sister and him have their huge faimly to back them up on what ever they want! Tehy have been everywher, done everything, except love, but they done' need tht. i mean, their faimly gievs them enough. in a freak accident, they get truend, they crave blood, have long sharp fangs, and their faimly, could care less. the love them ore it seems, they were born that way.

WHaat happens when, they meet and eatchothers heart goes to one another?


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