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Post by JJDarklove on Thu Jul 14, 2011 9:30 pm

As i wait for the one who my heart belongs to and whose heart belongs to me
I sit in my room in the dark of the night looking up at the Yellow Full moon
I wonder why everyday cannot be this peaceful everywhere
Even thought it is darkness it is also light in the darkness that makes it beautiful
Makes me want to look onto the future that everyone can live in harmony
As long as there is darkness that sets a peaceful setting
When all is said and done the darkness will bring peace
to our hearts and minds as we go through the is thing called life.



As i sit in my room alone I can't help but think of him.
Him who has healed me and is my heart and soul.
Him who calls me everyday just to check on me.
Him who says he loves me everyday.
Him who makes me laugh.
Him who makes me feel safe and loved.
Him who has me in the palm of his hand.
Him the man i love and respect.
Him who said he would never hurt me.
Him who makes me believe in love again.
Him who makes me live and love each day and night to be his...


The one.

The One.
He is the one
The one to make me laugh and smile
The one to hold me when im scared or sad
He is the one
The one to mkae me happy
The one who puts me first
He is the one
The one who has immaturity but knows it
The one who believes in me
He is the one
The one who intertwines our fingers to hold my hand
The one who holds me just because
He is the one
The one who i want for all time
The one i love
He is the one
The one who wants me
The one who loves me and not afraid to show it
He is the one
The one for me
He is the one
The one i need.
The one i want and need and love is Josh


When i look at my life and try not to cry from all the loss from my life. I wipe away the tears that my family made me cry when they left me when the Rock in my life my dad passed away. I still cry every night form loosing my dad and my so called family. but what makes me get up every morning is my friends who are my family. The kind of friends that make you laugh when you cry or cry with you when you dont want to laugh. Why must life be so hard that sometime you dont even want to go on in life. It's the friends that become your family that get you thru life. Even when you fight with your friend family they still ahve your back when you need them the most. That is what Life should be about love and friend family and not money or riches. When you find your heart don't let it go and pray others get the same love that you do because love and family are the best feeligs in the world

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Post by JcSsExYkItTeN on Wed Aug 10, 2011 11:17 pm

wow ur poems are so pretttyyy. i love thm.

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